The beginning.

So I’m at month eight of the BDLC life and I’m not going to lie, its been eight months and I still feel like I’m almost in the same place i started! As this is pretty much my inaugural blog I thought I’d start with how this all began.

Espresso Stop is a quiet little cafe on the south side of Brisbane. When I started working there I had one semester left of my degree and could not wait to get out there and in the real world of working full time. But within a month I started to put together my thoughts and came to the conclusion that no matter where I worked, no matter how awesome the organisation would be, I have my own personal agenda for what I want to accomplish and I should just do it!

So with some support from people close to  me I started to put together a plan to establish a socially responsible venture. But what I needed was money. To coincide with this, the cafe was in need of a new cookie company…there in lies the beginning!

I started BDLC as a means to fund a project called Sponsored By… which deals with trading products for the ethical consumer. However, as I’ve moved on I’ve started to really love the art of baking the perfect cookie, and what was once a means to an end has become its own end. Turns out there is so much more to baking than I originally thought, and turns out it’s a fantastic way to spend your time.

So I’m starting this blog with a cheers to the art of baking- who knew?!


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