The health benefits of NETWORKING!

So I’ve done it…and boy did it feel great!!!!!!!

Yep I’ve made the commitment to expand my networks in the small business community of my area. And I’m sure most of you can relate to the feeling when I say working on new business relationships is just like, if not worse, than the first day at a new school.

Making new business buddies is just like making classroom buddies. And me being the business newbie that I am, can’t help but see the similarities in the relation between businesses and schoolyard clicks. So for me, the challenges classify as 1) figuring out where I fit in, 2) what click is my business is apart of and 3) how am I going to show the rest of my classmates how cool I am.

Obviously these are all things you think about when starting a new business, and they were definitely things I was thinking about. But like good friends, its often your friends that help you reflect on yourself and see the sometimes flaws that might appear.

So this week I’ve been networking, and all I can say is that where I thought I had things all worked out, my new business friends have shown me that…well…maybe I wasn’t as organised as i thought.

While heading back to the drawing board feels slightly backwards in my future plans, I cant help but feel like I’m getting a fresh angle to business, or waking up at 5am and not being tired but pumped and ready to go! So here’s to networking- the business reflector!!!

Stay classy xx


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  1. networking is a great benefit to many. happy 2014

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