The equality of GINGERBREAD people


‘Tis the season….and the season calls for gingerbread. Buckets and buckets of gingerbread men. However, whilst making man after man I began to question the ethical vulnerability of my product. Man vs person…tradition vs sexual revolution.

jolly good holiday sir!
jolly good holiday sir!

Before I knew it my creativity had shaped mini gingerbread sir’s, CUTE! But I couldn’t shake the tragic inequality of what I’d done. Coincidently, being the major West Wing fan I am, an episode was just playing that discussed the distraction sexual revolution can sometimes play in the fight for revolution. It was then that I realised just how deep into this dilemma I had taken myself. Certainly not the usual train of thought whilst baking but never the less I almost feel it necessary to say this in some form of communication:

From now BDLC will support a society of gingie people throughout the Christmas period. And whatever you do, don’t let the inequality of gingies prevent you from enjoying a Christmas right!

Happy Holidays friends xx


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