A lesson on owning 2014!!!!!

After an incredible 2013 that finished with a colossal BANG- I’ve decided to take 2014 by the pigtails and shot-put it over the neighbours fence! And with that in mind, I’ve started my year dedicated to learning more about nutrition, cooking methods and what the body really needs as a way to improve the products BDLC creates. As a start, I’ve taken the ‘I Quit Sugar’ 8 week challenge, and I won’t lie, for someone that bakes cookies for a living it has got to be one of the hardest things I’ve done!

But the pain has definitely been worth it. Not only am I feeling fantastic and full of energy, but I feel like I’ve reset my tolerance levels for a lot of junk. Everything sweet certainly has taken on a whole new depth of taste. I’ve also had an extreme amount of creative fun in messing around with sugar-free alternatives.

Introducing the biggest BDLC seller by far:


My new range of  almost-too-healthy snacks. Full of protein and the right kinds of sugars, these delicious little treats are perfect for a morning pick-me-up, an on-the-go snack or an afternoon jolt!


I’ve had so much fun this past month experimenting and learning all I can! So here’s to another 11 months filled with awesomeness!!! xx


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