Life after Easter: the ever adaptable BROWNIE

Since Christmas things have been on an upward climb to this month at BDLC HQ! Easter = chocolate = over-indulgence in sugar and all things fantastic. In my household we follow a strict easter code. Step 1. Gather all the chocolate. Step 2. Consume as much chocolate as possible in the shortest time possible (sensibly of ofcourse). Step 3. Either utilise or dispose of any leftovers in the most creative ways possible.

So here is my tip for any easter egg leftovers you just can’t bear to let go of. Not my most creative but definitely the most widely appreciated:  Easter Egg Brownies!

Easter Egg Brownies

Yep thats Cadbury, Lindt and Kinder Surprise all together at last. This is, of course, an adaptation on the ultimate brownie recipe (a little secret of mine). But I will share with you my staple ingredients; coconut butter and raw cacao (is there are better combination…seriously?). These two items are an absolute must in any foodie’s pantry! Most of my family and friends have already heard me rant and rave about the pro’s of coconut oil. I’m sure most of you are also relatively schooled in its many health benefits (if you haven’t…do, you won’t regret it) so I won’t go on. But if inspiration hasn’t reached you yet- use this little prompt to get yourself to the grocery store and seek some of this liquid gold!!


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