Oh hi Christmas, long time no see!!!

The Cutest Couple
The Cutest Couple

So it’s that time of year and my news feed is choc-a-block with fantastic Christmas inspired gifts and images. I don’t know about you but the first thing that pops into my mind is the smell of cinnamon and the overwhelming feeling of being full! So naturally that means GINGERBREAD! One of my favourites to whip up, I absolutely adore chewy and spicy gingerbread. It’s a favourite to snack on and it makes the house smell amazing every time!!

A sea of gingerbread
A sea of gingerbread

BDLC is stocking these fabulous little baskets for Christmas. They are perfect for co-workers, staff, friends and teachers. To add a twist to my recipe, I’ve been experiment with agave and honey in my dough and I have to say, I’m loving the unique taste of the honey and agave combined to give the bread extra depth in its flavour.

Practice makes perfect!
Practice makes perfect

I’m also super excited to be announcing the arrival of Gingerbread houses this Christmas. YAYYY!!! It’s been tough eating all those lollies (quality control of course) but I’ve made it through and super proud to get cracking!

Happy baking friends and embrace your Christmas spirit!



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